Special areas of interest and expertise: Medical Retina and Glaucoma


For almost 80 years we are committed to serve you with the best possible service. Through flexible use of our ophthalmologists and ophthalmic assistants you can generally be seen in the short term. Investigations are wherever possible agreed on one day.

Office hours

9:00-21:00 Monday and Thursday

9:00-16:30 Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Children office hours Monday and Wednesday

You can call during the evening hours for an appointment, a question, or in connection with an ophthalmic complaint. For emergency cases outside these hours you can contact us by telephone or WhatsApp / SMS.

For treatment with Lucentis - Avastin - Eylea - Ozurdex we have an operation room which is specially equipped for the safest periodic administration of these drugs.

This operation room is provided with a Toul Unit. This is a ventilation technique that makes the risk of infection minimal.

As the only ophthalmic clinic in the Netherlands, all of our consulting rooms are equipped with Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT).

As a result, this important retinal examination can be done directly during the consultation, for example, in macular degeneration, or in case of diabetes disease.

As one of the first clinics in the Netherlands we use the OptoVue Avanti RTVue XR Angiovue.
OCTA is a new technology that has great potential for use in the clinical setting. Compared with FA and ICGA, the current retinal angiographic gold standards, OCTA advantages are that it is non-invasive, acquires volumetric scans that can be segmented to specific depths, uses motion contrast instead of intravenous dye, can be obtained within seconds, provides accurate size and localization information, visualizes both the retinal and choroidal vasculature, and shows structural and blood flow information in tandem.

Injections into the eye

Advanced retinal examination

Bank Relationships

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We work with all insurance companies on reimbursement basis, ie without a contract.

This means that you will receive an invoice from us which is then paid to you in whole or in part by your insurer. The amount of the fee depends on the contract with your insurance company.

A Natura Polis usually indicates a low fee. Furthermore, for reimbursement you need a referral from your GP or specialist.

In case of incomplete compensation, we work with a "Coulanceregeling". Make sure you have a full specification of the reimbursement of your health insurance.

It is best to switch to a real refund insurer like ONVZ.




We work - among others - with the following medical institutions

The children receive a full investigation by our orthoptist, Caroline Schuijt.

This includes refraction (diopter) by means of eye drops. Before or after the orthoptic examination a ophthalmic examination by one of our ophthalmic MD’s takes place.

You can call for an appointment at 020-6797155 or send an email to omca@me.com with your phone number, we will call you back.

Our acces time for consultation and treatment is commonly 1-3 days.

2RT Nanosecond Lasertherapy

Open Monday and Thursday till 21:00   Tue Wed Fri till 17:30

De Lairessestraat 59   1071 NT   Amsterdam   020-679 71 55   omca@me.com   www.omca.nl

As the first clinic in the Netherlands (since 2013) we treat macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic macular edema (DME) and other diseases of the retina with a revolutionary new laser, the Ellex 2RT (cold) Nanosecond Laser.

By making use of ultrashort laser pulses (3 nanoseconds), the structures in the retinal pigment epithelium are (RPE) and Bruch's membrane, which are responsible for the supply of nutrients and removal of waste products from the photoreceptors, is treated. This improves retinal function without damage to surrounding tissues such as the photoreceptors.

If you want to make an appointment you need a referral from your GP or specialist. Otherwise it is possible that you will not get reimbursed for the care provided.

Ask your doctor so first a written or electronic referral and take it with you during your visit.

Legitimacy and referral

You can identify yourself with one of the following documents:

  1. A valid Dutch or Foreign passport

  2. A valid Dutch Identity Card

• A valid Driving License

Children younger than 14 can identify themselves with their own ID card or the passport of the parents.

Since 2012 healthcare institutions have to control the identity of patients. We therefore urge you, even if you are already known to us, to carry identification and show it at the entrance to de assistence.

Marjolein Stiel - Head of clinic

Claudia Wals - Head of clinic

Caroline Schuijt - Orthoptist

Kurt van Poelgeest - Medical photographer

Hans van Vliet - Contactlens specialist

Zina Shapiro-Kukiansky - Anesthesiologist  79022299501

Twenty Ophthalmic Assistants

Ophthalmic MD’s


We work together with ZorgDomein

Retina Regeneratie Therapie

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Algemene informatie

Anatomie en functie

Baby’s Eyes




Gebruik oogdruppels


Hulpmiddelen slechtzienden


Oogheelkundig onderzoek

Oogschade door alcohol

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Orthoptisch onderzoek



ANGIO OCT tomography

FAG angiografie

FDT perimetrie

GDX nervefiber analyser

GVO statische perimetrie

MAIA microperimetrie

SIRIUS cornea topografie

USG ultrasonografie

VEP onderzoek

Laser algemeen


Laser medisch

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2RT nanosecond laser

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Prematuren retinopathie

Pterygium - Pinguecula

Refractie - Brilafwijkingen

Retinitis centralis serosa

Retinitis pigmentosa


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De Lairessestraat 59   1071 NT   Amsterdam   020-679 71 55   omca@me.com   www.omca.nl